Communicating with Parents is Key

Daily Communication

We recognize the importance of keeping parents informed about their child’s progress socially and physically, as well as developmentally.  Open communication between the teachers that are caring for children and the parents is key.  To help facilitate this communication, we do different things throughout the day to make sure you are informed about what kind of day your child had, the things they are doing, and if there are any areas that need to be addressed.

One of the things we do for parents of children 3 and under is create a written report each day outlining diaper changes, feeding, naps, and other information so you know what transpired throughout the day. These reports are helpful for you to see that your child keeps a schedule during the day in regards to bathroom visits, eating and napping.  If your child is older than 3, it’s imperative that you talk to their teacher to understand what your child did throughout the day.  Even just a few minute chat when you pick up your child for the day will help you and the center share important information.

Displaying Completed Projects

We work hard with your children on different learning activities throughout the week.  From cutting to gluing and coloring to writing, each activity is important to your childs development.  When these projects are completed, we like to hang them in the hallway or inside the classroom to show off the new skills we have learned.  We encourage parents to take a minute or two and look for their child’s project and see what they have been working on.  When you notice new projects have been completed, it’s a great time to check in with your childs teacher to talk about how well your child performed the tasks associated with the project.  Once we are done displaying the kids handiwork, we place them in mailboxes to be taken home and displayed or archived.

Personal Mailboxes

The easiest way for us to communicate with all of our parents is through the Personal Mailboxes at the front of our center.  Each child or family has their own mailbox that is used for us to send notes, completed projects, or important information home to the parents.  It’s recommended that everyone get in a habit of checking the mailbox each day before you leave the building with your child.  From notes about upcoming field trips to information about training or information sessions everyone is invited to attend, it will all be available in one place.

Parent Conference

We have discussed many different ways that we like to communicate with parents.  From notes or quick chats in the hallways, to showing off completed works of art.  You may be wondering what you should do if you have a concern about your child, their care, or want to better understand the curriculum?  If any of those are of your concern, then it’s a great idea to ask for a conference with us.  We are always eager to discuss our daily routine, learning opportunities for your child as well as any upcoming field-trips that we are going on.  We are also open to discussing any areas that are of a concern to you or the development of your child.  Just give us a call, send us an email, or ask to talk to the director next time you are in the building.  It’s always great to communicate with parents and a conference is sometimes the best way!

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