Healthy Meals and Snacks Teaches Good Nutrition

Balanced nutritional meals and snacks are as an important part of education as varied learning opportunities. If kids aren’t fed well with good homecooked food, then they won’t be ready to have fun and learn. At Milestones, we have an in-house cook that prepares our meals and snacks fresh every day. We have over 20 different menu items so your child won’t have to eat the same thing everyday. This gives everyone a chance to sample different flavors and items that they may not eat at home.

Here is a sample of some items on our menu that your child will get to experience:

Morning Snack: Crackers & Chocolate Milk
Lunch: Beans & Wieners, Apple Sauce, Bread & Butter, Milk
Afternoon Snack: Puppy Chow & Milk
Morning Snack: Muffin Bread & Milk
Lunch: Goulash, Rolls & Butter, Corn, Milk
Afternoon Snack: Pretzels & Juice
Morning Snack: Pop Tarts & Milk
Lunch: Chili with crackers, Pears, Milk
Afternoon Snack: Seasoned Oyster Crackers & Juice
Morning Snack: Cinnamon Biscuits & Milk
Lunch: Hot Dogs on a Bun, French Fries, Bananas, Milk
Afternoon Snack: Iced Animal Cookies & Milk
Morning Snack: Crackers & Chocolate Milk
Lunch: Scalloped Potatoes & Ham, Green Beans, Bread & Butter, Milk
Afternoon Snack: Bananas & Milk


At Milestones, we participate in the State of Nebraska Child & Adult Care Food Program.  We follow the guidelines provided by the Food Program in the preparation and serving of meals and snacks.

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